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Terms & Conditions Our Terms & Conditions for use of our web site and taking up the advertised Deals:

These are the overall umbrella Terms and Conditions when you take up a Deal advertised on our site: and with the participating Merchant. A Merchant is the party who ultimately provides the fulfilment of the Goods or Service, which comprises of the Deal. The Deal is either the advertised Goods or Service offered by the Merchant that may be purchased at a discount from the Mighty Vouchers web site.

Mighty Vouchers is a subsidiary of Businesspal LTD, the Parent Company, registered number 07804934, whose registered address is Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxford, OX14 4RY

1.Mighty Vouchers is the web publisher and publishes information received by it, comprising of the Deals, where this information has been provided by the Merchant. As such Mighty Vouchers, will be deemed to be not ultimately responsible for any content or information displayed on the web site but will monitor this daily and will remove any material that it is subsequently aware of is inaccurate or offensive. The information or content that is published relating to each Deal, is provided by the Merchant and Mighty Vouchers does not vouch for its accuracy, truthfulness, opinions, advice or completeness of any Deal terms described.

2. Deals are sent to our opted in email data base from time to time and Deals are also promoted on our web site As a receiver of these emails you can opt out at any time, by responding to the opt out link at the foot of each email.

3.By entering into a Deal, you will be deemed to have understood and will abide by these Terms and Conditions. These are to be read in conjunction with the individual Deal Terms listed on the Deal page. Where any Terms and Conditions conflict, the specific Deal terms will take precedence.

4. These terms apply to all Deals purchased through Mighty Vouchers web site.

5. Deals must be taken up using the deal instructions by the closing date, as stated.

6. All Deals are subject to the Goods or Services being available from the Merchant where it is entirely the Merchant’s responsibility to adhere to the offer terms of the Deal. Mighty Vouchers is the web publisher and acts as the Agent, the principal is the Merchant with these Deals offered.

7. A Deal becomes active usually a day after you receive your Confirmation Email of your Deal, but the fulfilment of your Deal must be agreed with the Merchant and in conjunction with the specific Deal Terms and subject to their availability.

8. You will be advised in your Deal Confirmation email, how and when you may take up the Deal, full instructions will be given.

9. Deals are only open to those people aged 18 years or over.

10.Postage and packing may be applicable to your Deal and we will notify you before you check out via the payment page of our web site on the deal if there are any charges.

11.Deals are not transferable and the terms of each Deal are as seen, that is non negotiable. Only one Deal Coupon may be redeemed per Deal. Deal Coupons have a nil cash value and are only to be used in connection with the activated Deal to which you are responding to. They must also be used on redemption in their entirety – any unused portion of a Deal Coupon may be carried over, but this will be at the sole discretion of the Merchant accepting the Deal Coupon from you.

12. Deals cannot be used in conjunction with any other deal or offer – and are to be redeemed in one visit, no element of the deal may be carried over.

13. All Deals offered are strictly to be redeemed in accordance with the Deal Terms.

14. The Deals are not eligible for any cash back from Merchants.

15. Deals must be taken up in Good Faith.

16. The use of the Mighty Vouchers web site in the taking up of Deals is for consumers rather than commercial entitles where we connect Customers with the Merchant to engage on their advertised terms in the Deal Outline.

17. When contacting the Merchant to arrange the take up of your deal by phone or email, please advise them that this is a deal from Mighty Vouchers and quote your unique Deal Reference Number. Please keep your Deal Coupon and Deal Reference number safe. Should you lose this and not be able to find it, please contact our Customer Services who will VOID the original Deal Coupon and issue another and will promptly inform the Merchant.

18. If you register with us to be notified of our daily Deals, you agree that we will be able to send these daily deals to you by email, until you opt out.

19. Deal prices quoted do not include local taxes, postage and package,(if applicable) and service charges, all additional costs will be specified clearly in the Deal details before you make the decision to buy.

20. All gratuities are at your discretion with the Merchant.

21. Deals with alcohol provided cannot be taken up by anyone under the age of eighteen years.

22. Deals may be re-run under revised Terms and Conditions and pricing which would be agreed with our Merchants.

23. Mighty Vouchers reserves the right to withdraw an offer before the advertised closing time, for any reason and also may change and amend the terms of a Deal while the Deal is in place.

24. All images and details advertised as part of the Deal remain the property and intellectual property of the Merchant and this material cannot be used by any party using Mighty Vouchers web site, without the express prior written permission of the Merchant.

25. All images, text, logos relating to Mighty Vouchers web site remain the Intellectual Property of the web site and ultimate owner and parent company.



All advertisements that promote the deals on the Mighty Vouchers website reflect the terms and conditions that we have agreed with the merchant and at the time of going to press these were correct. Mighty Vouchers and Money Expert Ltd accept no liability in the event that the subsequent terms of the deal are changed by the merchant, but we will of course offer a no quibble refund within 7 days. Once a customer has redeemed a voucher, the customer must revert to the merchants T's & C's.


Unredeemed & Invalid Vouchers

Invalid Vouchers need to be reported to Mighty Vouchers within the voucher expiry period. No refunds or credits will be offered for any unredeemed or invalid vouchers outside the voucher expiry date. Please revert to original online deal for expiry date.


Redeemed Vouchers

Mighty Vouchers customers are entitled to a full refund within 7 days of receiving the product (excluding experiences, services, downloads and perishable goods) All delivery charges for items returned are at the customers expense, excluding those items that are deemed faulty. Any notification of faulty goods must be communicated directly to the merchant. The merchant is liable for all delivery charges for faulty goods, not the customer. All refunds or credits will be processed once the item has been returned by the customer.


Refunds or Credits outside 7 days (Redeemed Vouchers)

Please revert to merchants T's & C's for refunds outside 7 days. If unsure please revert to ‘distance selling regulations'. Once a voucher has been redeemed the contract is transferred from Mighty Vouchers and the customer to the merchant and the customer.



Mighty Vouchers, its Merchant partners, affiliates and employees make no warranties as to the Description of the Deal, Service, Goods, any claims in the advertising or any information provided as part of the Deal for any Goods or Services offered as the Deals, you use the Mighty Vouchers web site, entirely at your own risk. The Deal is provided on an “as is basis”, with no express or implied claims to the suitability, functionality, usability, reliability thereof.


No Liability

Mighty Vouchers, Money Expert Ltd site, its employees and partners shall bear no liability whatsoever for any losses claims arising from using this web site by Customers or Merchants or any third party, this includes inter alia, any direct or indirect consequential losses, profits sustained arising from the use of the site or concluding a purchase of a Deal with us.

These Terms and Conditions are based on UK law, and subject to the Courts of England & Wales, with the operating Territory being the United Kingdom